Play On 2010 in NEW YORK CITY!

One of my favorite Non – Profitteers (I think I made that word up) in Oakland is the ever amazing Jill Vialet and her wonderful staff at Playworks.  For the past two years I have been lucky enough to shoot their amazing ‘Play On’ conference.  The first one was in San Francisco and last year was in New York City on the Columbia campus.  ‘Play On’ is designed to show teachers, parents & education administrators the importance of play in school and to teach safe conflict management as well as fun and interesting games that can get every child involved in play.  This conference is no ordinary conference where everyone sits through hours of talking and training… there were adults playing triangle tag, 4 square and having fun!  The conference opened with Good Morning America’s Juju Chang and Director of AmeriCorps John Gomperts talking about how important play is in children’s lives.  There were many inspiring speakers throughout the conference including White House Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives Sam Kass & Olympic Soccer Medalist Julie Foudy to name just a few.  I can’t thank the staff at Playworks enough for being so sweet to involve me in their annual event.  Please click here to see more information about this year’s ‘Play On 2011’ conference in Chicago on November 10, 2011… undefined

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