Kate + Rob thrash Kate’s dress!

After their amazing wedding in Tahoe, Kate and Rob contacted (ok well Kate did!) about doing a Trash The Dress session at the beach somewhere.  I was SO pumped.  I love TTD’s and I was ready for the challenge.   Since we didn’t have time to do an engagement session,  we used this opportunity to get a few “Engagement” type shots of  Kate & Rob before we got messy:)

I was shocked and excited to see that Kate brought her ACTUAL wedding dress for the session.  We had talked over email and I was thinking she was going to get a thrift store dress.  Her dress was so beautiful, I was glad to see that it was indeed the dress we were trashing!  As you can see – Kate & Rob are super photogenic so it was hard to find an image not to pick for this post.  It was so much fun and Kate was such a trooper. The water had to be less than 50 degrees and as soon as the sun down it was FREEZING!  She has the stamina and drive of a true model:)  Kate & Rob – it has been such a fun ride with you guys!  Enjoy your pics.

AND I hope they got the stains out of your wonderful dress;)


Couple's portraits at Muir Beach Trash-the-dress portraits at Muir Beach Brave trash-the-dress at the beach Kate's trash-the-dress session Sunset trash-the-dress portraits

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