FAQ & Tips

I currently shoot with a Nikon D3 & D700. I have shot Fuji, Cannon and film cameras and am always experimenting with different mediums. If you want me to shoot a roll of film during your wedding or shoot, I can do that for an extra $75. It’s fun for me, and you too!
For portrait and commercial sessions the digital images are not included. These, like prints, canvases and books are products. I have many digital packages ranging from $250-$2000. However, every wedding package includes all the high res digital files with full rights to print and share.
Think of your print credit as a coupon. Whatever you buy, prints, digital files, canvas etc. The total will be discounted by the amount of your print credit. I do this because every client is different and I want to make sure to give them options.
Yes, I use lightroom and edit all the raw images, standardizing the color and changing few to black and white. The black and white images can always be changed back to color if you like!
For a portrait between 30-50 images will be in your final gallery. For a wedding, depending on the hours will be between 500-700 images.
Yes, willing and love to travel! Every job is different so let me know where you need me to go!
Well, as much as I don’t want to charge sales tax, the BOE says I have to. It’s one of those business costs that I cant get away from! However, there is no sales tax on a digital image purchase.
I do not, but I have a studio that I can rent for $75/hr if you have a studio request, products to photograph, etc. I am more of a lifestyle type of photographer, and love to document people and businesses in their environment.
I have a few people I love to work with, if you want makeup services for your headshot or portrait just let me know.
I do not, but I have three different companies I love and recommend.
People tell me this all the time, and what I always say is “Everyone has a good side, and we will find yours.” I am a bit of a goofball, so you will be too busy laughing at me & forget how uncomfortable you are in front of the camera!

Tips for Getting the Best Images


  •  It is up to you where we shoot.  Somewhere special to your family is ideal.  However, I have a bunch of places all over the California I like to shoot, so please ask if you need help picking a location.
  • A place that has at least a little shade is ideal, but if it doesn’t that is ok.
  •  The best times of the day to shoot are before 10 am and after 4 pm.


  • Wear something comfortable!  We may have to walk or hike a bit (depending on your location) so wearing something comfortable or bringing an extra pair of shoes for walking is ideal.
  • I tell everyone “blend don’t match”.  This just means wear something that goes together.  Pick a few colors and wear things in that color family.


  • It is almost inevitable that the kids will tire out.  Please bring toys, snacks and for babies – an extra outfit:)  We may not, but it is likely that we will need to do a little bribery, so having a favorite toy or snack on hand is a great plan.