August 2014 through today’s instagram roundup!

WHOOPSY!  Ok so I am a mom – things get a little behind sometimes:)  Enjoy my instagram roundup from last August 2014 through…the end of February 2015!  Its been a whirlwind! February 2015: Playing with the kiddos, heading to the ranch, finding time to workout, and happy birthday to Linc! Wahoo! January 2015: Happy new … Continue Reading »

June AND July Instagram Roundp!

What can I say, the summer is flying by we have been hanging out, going to the #lairofthebear.  It has been a great summer.  Lucy is getting a mullet, Linc got a haircut and our squash are out of control!  Its been a big month:)

May Instagram Roundup!

OMG little miss Lucille Mae Prelip is here!  Born on 5.6.14!  Just shy of being a cinco de mayo baby!  We could not be happier with this addition to our sweet family.  Believe it or not I did have a tiny bit of spare time to take some instagram pics:)

April Instagram roundup!

Here we are again, waiting, waiting…Only 8 days left until baby girl arrives! So enjoy the photos of Linc and Judah before the sweet new baby floods the instagram scene!

March Instagram Roundup

March is over?!  What happened to the time?  I have been shooting shooting shooting this month and getting ready for my sweet baby girl to arrive – 6 more weeks!  Here are some fun instagram pics from what I call “fake spring”.  At least we got some rain in March:)  And of course there are … Continue Reading »

February Instagram Roundup

Lincoln turned 2! My life is flashing before my eyes… With the arrival of baby number 2 (due in May) rapidly approaching, I have not had as much time to instagram!  BUT, here are some fun ones for you to see:)  

January Instagram Roundup

I’ve been sharing my personal photos on instagram @crphotooak and I’ll be putting some occasional highlights here!