New House Portraits – with The Katy Team

Katy Anderson is an amazing realtor and great friend of mine.  I have photographed her wedding, her children and now we have teamed up to enhance her already 5 star realty service with a new feature called Client Stories.  Every house purchase is an emotional & exciting adventure and these Client Story sessions are designed to capture that exciting time.  Every time Katy sells a home we do a mini portrait session with each family & make them “We’ve Moved” cards to send to friends and family.  It is so wonderful to walk through the house with the new owner(s) and hear them talk about what they are going to do with each room, how they are going to decorate and how much they love their new house!  In these sessions we try and capture the character of the family, the home and how they come together.  I love this job!  These four client stories are very sweet and we did them right before Katy had her second baby (more photos to come!).  I enjoyed meeting all these wonderful families and cant wait until this weekend when I get to shoot another client story!

Cute family portrait with cartoon slippers Couple's portraits in their first home Real estate couple portraits Couple's portraits for new address announcements

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It’s Engagement Portrait Season!

It’s that time of year again for engagement photos! Here are 2 couples I’ve photographed in 2012, one in downtown Benicia and one in San Diego.

Here are some tips to help you plan your engagement shoot:

1. Location, location, location! Choose a place that is special to you as a couple, or maybe a place that both of you have always wanted to go. For example, Kristin and Taylor chose Benicia because that was where she was born and raised, and the two of them spent lots of time together there.

2. It’s ok if you don’t live in the Bay Area! For Shelly and Nick’s engagement session, they realized it was more cost-effective for me to fly to them in San Diego, than for them both to come to the bay. For the price of a cheap Southwest flight, they had me come down there for the day to shoot their portrait in their beautiful town.

3. Outfits. I always tell my families and couples to blend, not match. Avoid loud patterns, for we don’t want to distract from your beautiful faces! Keep jewelry to a minimum, and try and wear something comfortable, especially if we’re shooting in a rough terrain. (I’m not saying don’t bring those 6-inch heels for our shoot in the woods… just make sure you also bring some walking shoes!) Also, I encourage bringing multiple outfits for variety, but no more than 2 outfits for a 1-hour shoot.

To learn more about my work and my pricing, please contact me by filling out the form at this link.

*Update 3/6/13: Kristin & Taylor’s engagement session in downtown Benicia was featured on the wedding blog The Lovely Bay!  Check it out.

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Ange & Dom on Highway 267

We waited until April to shoot Dominic & Angela’s engagement photos  – so we could get shots with some snow, ha ha.  They are also really good sports…When I suggested shooting their engagement session at an old abandoned shack on highway 267 outside Truckee, Ca – they didn’t blink an eye.  When it was FREEZING the morning of the shoot – they were not phased…and when it started snowing ans didn’t stop during the entire shoot, they went with it:)  We had so much fun in the snow, and you can see on their faces how much they love each other.  It was a perfect day in the fluffy snow.

AngeBLOG1-prog AngeBLOG2-prog

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