Baby Leo Arrives…

Ok, so baby Leo is over a year old now – but I had to post this blog about the amazing Home Birth experience with my oldest and dearest friend Nona.  I have been lucky enough to photograph both Nona’s births, and they were experiences I will never forget.  The ever amazing midwives, Claudia Breglia and Jen Brown of ‘Born At Home‘ are so sweet and made this experience so special.  I was shooting an event all day and was checking in with Nona and her husband Levi to make sure I was not going to miss it!  I finally got in the car at 4pm and made it to Sacramento in time to take photos of baby Leo arriving into the world.  Both Nona’s births are experiences I will never forget.  I feel so special to have been a part of these amazing milestones in my best friend’s life.  Nona is one of the strongest people and mothers I know, and  I will always feel attached to both her sweet boys.  I love you & your wonderful family:)


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